YNNads is short for Your Neighborhood Network Ads. We are a digital signage company working with both the Hosts (retailers and businesses who own the TV monitors) and the advertisers (anyone who wants to post a message on any screen locations). We provide both retailers and advertisers an easy way to place an ad and post at the locations they want on a digital signage; this new medium and method provides both geographic and demographic targeted audience, allowing you an effective way to spend your advertising dollars.

YNNads helps local businesses and companies promote their products and services through the usage of digital signage to generate extra income with our Dynamic Messenger software and our Self-Service Advertising Portal, providing a solid return on investment. We also provide a turn-key service (means you never have to touch it to have an effectively run and managed digital signage), marketing program and know-how in a continuous support for our users to effectively utilize this new technology.
YNNads is for any business and retailers who is looking to reach their audience with this easy to manage and flexible medium. This is for marketing savvy individuals and organizations who understand the importance of generating cost-effect promotional messages, increase income, save both time and energy in the long-run for their business.
A venue is simply a place where people gather. It might be a salon, a bar, a coffee shop, a theater, a grocery store, a recreational facility, a museum, you name it. Anywhere you find a lobby, lounge, waiting room, or hall is a great place to put a screen Display - and we refer to all these places, generically, as a "Venue". By selecting Venues, one will find the different characteristic of each Venue likely to provide the demographic audience they want to target. For example: 98% of Salons are visited by female and 75% of the customers in a bar are male.
A media player is like a small computer with proprietary software that connects the Internet and your TV screen(s) to our network. This media player helps us monitor and manage your content remotely thus allowing you to save time, money and focus on growing your own business.
YNNads provides three basic contents that come with every subscription: 1) Weather, 2) Local Event Calendar, and 3) News. Salon Venues receives other video contents for free such as Fashion, Beauty Care, Nail Arts, Fitness, Cooking, Gardening, Seasonal Activities, Travel, Health and Wellness, etc. All other venues may subscribe to any of our content for minimal monthly fees.
YNNads used to have a team to solicit local advertisers but no more! Our Self-Service Advertising Platform (SSAP) allows anyone to place an ad online without you or YourNN having to sell. If you accept the advertisement submitted to you, you will enjoy the profit share from the advertising income.
Absolutely not! We provide user-friendly software for you to control the content of your promotional messages. And if you’re too busy to handle that, we have affordable service package to include into your low monthly fees.
Absolutely Yes!!! Both on lifting your own business volume and from advertising income; call us so we can show you how to maximize both.