About YNNads

Your Neighborhood Network is a pioneer in community based digital advertising. We designed an advertising platform with the commitment to effectively promote products and services. Our network engages shoppers while they are in a purchasing mode and are highly perceptive to the messages. We offer geographic and demographic targeting to help advertisers raise customer awareness and influence buying decisions towards a targeted audience. Our digital displays are located in high traffic retail locations throughout the city.

Our company's solution is used in all types of retail environments, providing store owners an effective tool to promote their products and services. Our team is committed to remarkable service and attention to detail; fostering innovative spirit to make sure our customers can utilize and implement our product easily, efficiently and reliably. We understand digital signage is not an end product, rather an ongoing process. We are committed to these unique challenges existing in the markets we serve, and strive to provide the necessary technology and services to address our customers' continuous business needs.

Services to Advertisers

We provide an online portal YNNads.com for people to place ads online. This innovative method allows advertisers to control their own timeline and selection; allows the retailers (hosts) to earn advertising income without selling. Digital Signage is an Out-Of-Home advertising medium providing high frequency and high impression advertising. It focuses on reaching people at different venues that reflect their lifestyle, e.g. coffee shops, grocery stores, gym, salons, etc. Digital Signage advertising is non-intrusive, does not require opt-in, a highly effective medium with vibrant colors, motion, and hi-definition screens, and is ever-present, with continuous/consistent display of the marketing message every day during the entire campaign.

Services to Retailers and Businesses

Your Neighborhood Network is a provider of digital signage solutions for retailers and various businesses. We enhance shopping experience for consumers and at the same time, improve business results and build brand equity for retailers and businesses.

As a premier digital signage provider, our services include:

  • Advertising Sales
  • Content Creation
  • Network Operation
  • Systems Installation